Sunday, May 13, 2012

May Day

May Day,
clear and
dreams of

of point,
of what
it adds,
let go

It says,
it says,
look here,
what is
is peace.


Early, this morning, rising early,
on the streets, in the hills
before the touch of the sun, before
the birds overhead begin

their throated reverie,
silent sentinels, lined and listening,
the passing stranger
wandering below,

for the slightest signal
of the day’s first call
to song.


Deep Mind

Certain truths
simply sink in over time
so thorough that question
has no where to stand,

affirmation dances loose
as a scented petal, and
efforts to ignore or to discard
resonate ever more deeply.


You don’t have to close this door
just because you open
that one.


The moon, nearly full,
passed by the window last night,
so quiet its work,

washing dark’s dust clean away,
even gout’s throbbing
could be heard.


It’s like this…

like everything’s already there,
yet differently heard,

like a familiar stream in deep forests
that you know is there

delights each time with a different voice—
you know it by its surprise…


It suddenly dawns on us:
we’re going to doctors’ appointments,
together !


Sandino David
May 7, 2012

Everywhere is home
for the sage, everyone family.
But for me, there are certain places
where rest comes easiest

and this tiny, early arrival speaks
to me, as only my grandchildren can.
Too early for us to even touch,
still he shakes me—while my son,

his father, wills the earth to steady,
the air around him trembles
as he looks at his wife, and I
reach for my own.

Though they say,
anywhere can be home.


It’s like this…

like sunshine over wind-blown grasses

single-minded practice reaches
the deepest recesses

the silent presence of Buddha
spreads everywhere

namuamidabutsu, namuamidabutsu


The change

The dream was more deep-throated moan
than cry, the weighted change of recognition

rather than decision, the slow, scraping halt
itself implied transition forward

inarticulate, yet specific, message
carried complete

—the arrow’s own movement—

no longer a matter of what to do,
but what’s happening here

plans and calculations jettisoned
in the wake of open wonder

in clear and unhindered skies 

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