Thursday, September 17, 2009

September haiku

Friends and family, a small collection of recent haiku. I participated in a haiku retreat a while ago, at Jikoji Zen Center Retreat, in Los Gatos, along the ridge highway (#35) and forests that over look the bay and the ocean at various points. This is a wonderful place, accessible, but secluded, relaxed and friendly. Look it up on the net if you’re going by and stop in. You won’t regret it. Most, but not all, of the poems came out of that retreat.

Hope you enjoy…

Hillside grasses wave

to winds shushing the pines.

The sun wants quiet.

Crows call from nowhere.

The woman stands in silence,

hearing haiku.

Along the shady trail

sun splashes browned leaves

to gold.

Before the sun’s reach, moon

---blue shadows

through sheer white.

Manure on the trail

but no flies, in this shade

bay leaves scent my fingers.

Pulling out his map

the bicycle rider stands

still in the cross roads.

sitting at the wall

mind washed white with breathing, here

I leave home

Remembering dreams

of waking, fall’s advancing

fog lifts my eyes.

coming upon

Roshi’s memorial--the jays

are silent

On this morning’s darkened streets

puddles—stepping over

the moon.