Monday, April 2, 2012

Meetings with teachers

Meeting with my teacher

looks like this:

like morning fog

brushing canyon tops

releases streams

that lead the way back.


The old masters wrote

of winter’s long nights,

of emptied trees, of snow’s weight

sighed away in spring streams,

rivered trickles of dew drops

carrying oceans carrying

sun-lit moon light.

Of these things, I would write.


Can’t say, even at this age, I know who I am.

Keep writing, walking, and the rest follows, mostly

work of love. Incense at day’s end, a song,

moments of quiet, together—as all comes to rest,

the wish for justice in a troubled world.


For Juan Carter

--Spring Equinox

Half way through my walk,

half way, crossing the black top,

a banana slug….


Fluid and porous:

the distinctions we think

hold and frame our lives.


Curious, that those

with heart beats, resist both change

and its presumed end.


After meeting with the teacher,

relief—he doesn’t know, either.


I write and people read. Amazing

and no small thing—liberated horizons

mean everything.


Tending as we do,

as a matter of habit, toward loneliness,

we are in fact never alone.


Looking closely, I see my living

largely haphazard, unfulfilled intentions

and broken promises…



Any place will do

Truth-seeking poets seek nowhere to stand,

pass away their time watching

for flashes and flickers in the flow,

following what catches attention

for the moment—leave it all at that.

Just a life.


Night rains slow and cease,

darkness holds still,

and doves wait their signal.


The pause…

It’s often the first words, fresh

off the tongue that are most telling,

even while we’re not so sure

what was meant to be said.

Is it possible to rest there

in the question, savor the uncertainty,

before circling, tightening?



Cool morning. The pine

lets its scent fall

to the street.


Why poetry?

Fundamental to human spirit is unity,

thoroughgoing correspondence within

the entirety of energies of the universe

—which is why we can’t catch it.

And neither can they.

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